2nd Semester has begun…

Well, the second semester has begun. Where has this school year gone??

I have been accepted to the “Feed Your Soul” Summer Teacher Institute at the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, that’s at the end of June. I am SUPER excited as a few colleagues that I met at last year’s Summer Teacher Institute in Florida also got accepted so we are stoked to be meeting up again.

What else….the school is apparently trying to unblock WordPress again, but I changed the blogging this semester to only when they finish a project, so we’ll see if that will be better. They haaaated the other site I had to use when WordPress got blocked, and they built up quite a resentment to blogging, so now they either create a StopMotion video of their project or blog a big entry at the end of their project. I wanted it to be organic, and it wasn’t so I didn’t want to fight it. This meant that I now grade more vigorously for in-class participation, which is fine. I should have been anyway, but now their grade is more dependent on being there and working than before.

I’ve been not on Twitter as much, but that’s okay. It became so much to keep up with it all. I’m doing a January Photo Challenge, so that’s been good, but other than that, it’s been pretty quiet on my account.

The Fine Arts Fair is in a few months, MARCH!!!!, so I’m trying to prepare for that too.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got!

Merging Forces with Other Art Students

Well, we announced to Twitter and my entire staff that my art kids were bloggin’, and let the school we’re partnering with know that we were ready for comments. Now, I get emails CONSTANTLY about students following my students’ blogs, my blog, and commenting on my students’ work. It’s AWESOME. I am loving the interaction and seeing my students’ faces light up when they get a comment. I had one student who got nine comments within the CLASS PERIOD. NINE. It was crazy! So, I’m trying to push them into commenting back organically, but it might have to be an assignment, since they don’t seem too interested in paying it forward. This generation is about instant gratification, but not so much about giving it, if that makes sense. I’m thinking I might want them to “partner” up with students through the blogs and comment back and forth. We’ll see.

I’ve been trying to update my site so it’s more than just a blog, check it out!

Until next time…

Already Halfway Through the Quarter

I can’t believe progress reports were sent out. How is it already the halfway point for the quarter?? I just can’t fathom that we’ve even had that much time in class.

Well, after lots of research through tweets, and websites, and blogs, I launched the option of “choice” after my students completed their first project in class. I really like the concept of letting kids do what they want, because that’s what art is all about. My only hesitation is that leaves the art history aspect out since that’s what I teach when they do projects together, but I pitched the next project like I usually would, and then introduced them to Blendspace. I had them all make Google accounts using their school emails, had them take a quiz over the last project with a Google Form I had made, then had them use their Google account to sign up for a Blendspace. After that, I showed them how I had already created several projects in Blendspace, including the project I had just presented. If they wanted to do that one, they could, but if there was something else they were itching to do, they could use Blendspace to pitch me their idea.

Since we are 1:1 with iPads, I can be connected with them which is nice, and weird. I had a kid email me from him phone a picture of what he was working on at 8pm on Friday night. It made me so happy that he was doin’ art in his free time on the weekend.

I am struggling with getting the kids to pull more art history into their created projects, so I am compiling a list of artists by genres/types of art they create, so if kids want to do a portrait project, they have a list of artists to research. This is where I miss having that time to present to all of them and build their art history database in their brain, but I have to trust they are building it on their own, and it is going to be more personal to them.

Until next time, Darps

Students Blogs are LIVE

Hey All! Students blogs are LIVE and IN ACTION!!! Feel free to comment and leave them words of encouragement on their blogging journey! Their instructions have been to post an image of their work at the end of the class time and write what they got done in the class period, with as much detail as possible. Some are on the right track. It’s pretty exciting!!

You can also view a live feed here:

Art 2D (H1):
Jacob M
Jacob C
Jae Seong

Art 2D (H4):

Studio Students: