2nd Semester has begun…

Well, the second semester has begun. Where has this school year gone??

I have been accepted to the “Feed Your Soul” Summer Teacher Institute at the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, that’s at the end of June. I am SUPER excited as a few colleagues that I met at last year’s Summer Teacher Institute in Florida also got accepted so we are stoked to be meeting up again.

What else….the school is apparently trying to unblock WordPress again, but I changed the blogging this semester to only when they finish a project, so we’ll see if that will be better. They haaaated the other site I had to use when WordPress got blocked, and they built up quite a resentment to blogging, so now they either create a StopMotion video of their project or blog a big entry at the end of their project. I wanted it to be organic, and it wasn’t so I didn’t want to fight it. This meant that I now grade more vigorously for in-class participation, which is fine. I should have been anyway, but now their grade is more dependent on being there and working than before.

I’ve been not on Twitter as much, but that’s okay. It became so much to keep up with it all. I’m doing a January Photo Challenge, so that’s been good, but other than that, it’s been pretty quiet on my account.

The Fine Arts Fair is in a few months, MARCH!!!!, so I’m trying to prepare for that too.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got!

From the End of Last School Year to Back to School Night

Well, I’m almost done with the first week of school! It feels crazy that I’m already starting my fourth year of teaching. I’m hanging out at Back to School Night, and made some great art displays in our display cabinets.

So, while I wait to meet parents tonight, I’ll update from when the last school year ended until now.

I attended the Summer Teacher Institute at Ringling College of Art and Design for the second year, and met some AMAZING people. It was so refreshing to network with people all over the country and I had so many adventures.

While I was at Ringling, one of my friends posted on my Facebook about Ice Dying, which immediately peaked my interest. I had to investigate. So, once all of my July traveling ended, I got home and started researching.
I’m going to dedicate a blog entry to it, and I’m working on a YouTube video of myself doing it. Anyway, the gist is you use ice and let the ice melt the dye into the pre-treated wet fabric, to give it a watercolor effect.
So, I’ve been going crazy with it, to the point that I ice dyed extra fabric from the classroom and used it to decorate bulletin boards.

Now we’re into present day. I’m looking into grad schools, but my car is about to die, so that might be on hold for a bit. I’m looking into Educational Technology, but possibly Art Education that has a studio option in Venice, Italy. I’ll keep you updated.

Until next time! Peace, Love, and Paint Blobs!