Stop Motion GIF Project



Students are going to create a video using the Stop Motion Studio app, then converting the video to a GIF in Adobe Photoshop. Above is my example (it’s not the greatest, I just threw it together.)

Below are student examples from previous classes.

They must shoot at least 15 frames in the Stop Motion Studio App, that is the only restriction I give them (and school appropriate material in their video). The results are awesome.


Here is the video tutorial I made for my students on how to import the video into Adobe Photoshop and convert the video into a GIF:

End of the Quarter

It’s the end of the quarter….what?!

I’m still in shock as I sit here entering grades like a powerhouse as Katy Perry’s Prism album blares in the background (I work best with music just tuning out the noise in my head, it focuses me in to what I need to do, and if I can sing to it, even better!).

My students did so many amazing things, from light painting with low shutter speeds in Photo Imaging, to creating their own projects in my Art 2D classes, to being super dedicated to the bottle lid projects in my Art 3D class. I’ve been nothing short of impressed, and happy.

I’ve been active on Twitter, being involved in #ksedchat, #moedchat, and dabbled in #k12artchat. I felt so much support, got so many great ideas, and felt a great sense of community in #moedchat, it was awesome!!

Hopefully today I’ll find some time to post some of my Photo Imaging kids’ work, they really blew me away with their creativity!

Peace, Love, and Paint Blobs! Until Next Time, Darps