Beautiful Art

I am constantly amazed by my #Art2D1617 students. I have had this project in my head for years but was waiting for a group of kids to make it happen.

I’m so glad it finally did.


Obviously it’s not all of them, but I was just so impressed with the variety and the way they addressed the project. Beautiful, glorious, wondrous results, and based off the work of Redmer Hoekstra.

#IntroArt1617 students last semester tackled contour line drawings AND a new medium, watercolor, at the same time. It was just what you’d expect, success and struggle but great!


I’ll update more when I take some more pictures and collage them together.



2nd Semester…2017….What?!

Every time I’ve written down the date this week, it has amazed me. It’s already January? It’s 2017? 

Time flies when you’re having the best time making art with amazing kids.

Like these:

Art 2D Kandinsky Project

Or these….

Into to Art Kaleidoscope projects

Or these…

Art 3D Bottle Lid Portraits, Art 3D Cardboard projects, and Art 2D Starry Night projects

We’ve been doing a lot!

So have I, I even had my own art show at my church, having my work on display from November to January 1st. 

I’ve been busy. I’m better at keeping up on Twitter and Instagram than blogging. Hopefully I’ll have a nice long entry once I get back from Europe! I’m so excited, I cannot wait to take all the beautiful art and architecture in and absorb the sights. 

Until next time…

2016 School Year already?!

Well, clearly I am terrible at blogging. 

So, ended the 2015-2016 school year. I did a buuunch of cool stuff over the summer, such as going to Maine for their Feed Your Soul Summer Teacher Institute. I met up with two art teachers I met last year in Sarasota, FL at Ringling College of Art and Design’s Summer Teacher Institute, who both happen to be from North Carolina. 

Needless to say, we had an AMAZING time and I learned so many things I’ve been using this school year.

Then, two weeks later….

I got married! I married the most wonderful man I’ve ever known, and we celebrated with our big families and closest friends. So, I went from a Miss to a Mrs. over the summer. My students are very mixed on the change, some are adapting well and changing the name easily. Some are being very resistant and made no effort to try. It is what it is.

So, the school year started with a billion changes. It usually feels that way every year, but these ones seemed to greatly impact A) how I did daily tasks and B) how students received information from me, which are huge changes in my opinion. It has affected the mood of the building tremendously.

  I drew this during beginning meetings, after this hilarious GIF that seems to capture the mood of everyone’s grumpy nature with the changes, and who they should blame.

But, we are survivors and thrivers, and persevere through it all.

My students have already exceeded my expectations in many areas. It’s hard to see them struggle, and I’ve been giving them “work days” in Photo to catch up, but some still fail. It’s tough for me to see them fail when I want them to succeed, but I have to remember they are choosing to not work. “I can take the horse to water, but I can’t make them drink.” 

I need a nap. My brain is fried.

Did I mention I am also helping with the school musical, so I am working ten, sometimes eleven hour days? 

Like I said, I need a nap, I feel like my brain needs to rest.

Turner Fine Arts Fair 2016

It’s April already, WHAT!?

Well, we had our annual Fine Arts Fair in March, with our second annual Judged Competition held prior to the fair, so the ribbons hung next to the winning work during the fair. It was AWESOME! Students were so proud of their work and we upped our game this year, getting a TOOOOON of Command Strips and buying giant white board panels from Lowe’s for the work be hung on. It made for a nice presentation.

I present: The Judged Competition – the 6-8th grade 2D works. Doesn’t it look so clean on that nice white board?!20160303_185035

The 9-12th Grade 2D works board, and they definitely didn’t all fit so they got spread out into the windows…

Here are the works in the windows…

Here are the works too big that got to be put on easels..

Here is the 3D Work:20160303_185147

The show was MASSIVE. We had a giant food table provided by our food service company, three local artists, and two performance spaces with performances going from 5:30-8, as well as a raffle going to raffle off a beautiful wood table made by a local artist who used to teach art at the high school with me. It was a hopping event the entire time. We didn’t really have a lull of people until about 7:40 or so. It was CRAZY AWESOME and I was so tired by the end of the night. I didn’t get home until 9pm.

2nd Semester has begun…

Well, the second semester has begun. Where has this school year gone??

I have been accepted to the “Feed Your Soul” Summer Teacher Institute at the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine, that’s at the end of June. I am SUPER excited as a few colleagues that I met at last year’s Summer Teacher Institute in Florida also got accepted so we are stoked to be meeting up again.

What else….the school is apparently trying to unblock WordPress again, but I changed the blogging this semester to only when they finish a project, so we’ll see if that will be better. They haaaated the other site I had to use when WordPress got blocked, and they built up quite a resentment to blogging, so now they either create a StopMotion video of their project or blog a big entry at the end of their project. I wanted it to be organic, and it wasn’t so I didn’t want to fight it. This meant that I now grade more vigorously for in-class participation, which is fine. I should have been anyway, but now their grade is more dependent on being there and working than before.

I’ve been not on Twitter as much, but that’s okay. It became so much to keep up with it all. I’m doing a January Photo Challenge, so that’s been good, but other than that, it’s been pretty quiet on my account.

The Fine Arts Fair is in a few months, MARCH!!!!, so I’m trying to prepare for that too.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got!

Student Blogs have Relocated

Due to school firewalls, student blogs have moved to a new server.

Please Visit and Comment Here!

Hour 1:

Jacob C
Jae Seong

Hour 4:


*Insert sad march here*

Well, the school officially blocked WordPress to my students, after saying there were too many “content” issues. I’m super bummed. After all the hard work of getting them all set up and everything, and it’s just flushed down the drain.

So, to finish up the semester, I had to switch them all over to Kidblog and get them going. I’m not super impressed with it, as it’s still really glitchy and not posting any easier (they get error messages constantly).

So, here’s the new links for blogs:

They are easier to grade, I will say that. I didn’t have to make a feed, as the site’s main page for each class is basically a feed in itself. It just frustrates me with it’s lack of being able to build out from the blog into a full-blown website.

Always changing and adjusting…..