2016 School Year already?!

Well, clearly I am terrible at blogging. 

So, ended the 2015-2016 school year. I did a buuunch of cool stuff over the summer, such as going to Maine for their Feed Your Soul Summer Teacher Institute. I met up with two art teachers I met last year in Sarasota, FL at Ringling College of Art and Design’s Summer Teacher Institute, who both happen to be from North Carolina. 

Needless to say, we had an AMAZING time and I learned so many things I’ve been using this school year.

Then, two weeks later….

I got married! I married the most wonderful man I’ve ever known, and we celebrated with our big families and closest friends. So, I went from a Miss to a Mrs. over the summer. My students are very mixed on the change, some are adapting well and changing the name easily. Some are being very resistant and made no effort to try. It is what it is.

So, the school year started with a billion changes. It usually feels that way every year, but these ones seemed to greatly impact A) how I did daily tasks and B) how students received information from me, which are huge changes in my opinion. It has affected the mood of the building tremendously.

  I drew this during beginning meetings, after this hilarious GIF that seems to capture the mood of everyone’s grumpy nature with the changes, and who they should blame.

But, we are survivors and thrivers, and persevere through it all.

My students have already exceeded my expectations in many areas. It’s hard to see them struggle, and I’ve been giving them “work days” in Photo to catch up, but some still fail. It’s tough for me to see them fail when I want them to succeed, but I have to remember they are choosing to not work. “I can take the horse to water, but I can’t make them drink.” 

I need a nap. My brain is fried.

Did I mention I am also helping with the school musical, so I am working ten, sometimes eleven hour days? 

Like I said, I need a nap, I feel like my brain needs to rest.


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