Turner Fine Arts Fair 2016

It’s April already, WHAT!?

Well, we had our annual Fine Arts Fair in March, with our second annual Judged Competition held prior to the fair, so the ribbons hung next to the winning work during the fair. It was AWESOME! Students were so proud of their work and we upped our game this year, getting a TOOOOON of Command Strips and buying giant white board panels from Lowe’s for the work be hung on. It made for a nice presentation.

I present: The Judged Competition – the 6-8th grade 2D works. Doesn’t it look so clean on that nice white board?!20160303_185035

The 9-12th Grade 2D works board, and they definitely didn’t all fit so they got spread out into the windows…

Here are the works in the windows…

Here are the works too big that got to be put on easels..

Here is the 3D Work:20160303_185147

The show was MASSIVE. We had a giant food table provided by our food service company, three local artists, and two performance spaces with performances going from 5:30-8, as well as a raffle going to raffle off a beautiful wood table made by a local artist who used to teach art at the high school with me. It was a hopping event the entire time. We didn’t really have a lull of people until about 7:40 or so. It was CRAZY AWESOME and I was so tired by the end of the night. I didn’t get home until 9pm.


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